Forget Elian: Dallas 12-year-old in public struggle between faiths

As Southern Baptist conversion efforts have faded from the headlines in recent weeks, the Dallas Morning News reports how a 12-year-old Jewish boy became a Christian at a Baptist church's youth event—and how angry his parents are. ""I felt like this was child abuse," the boy's mother tells the paper. "It's about like drugging somebody. They seduce you with the food and the music, and all your friends are there." Though the boy is unnamed, the story puts a human face on the seemingly growing sentiments against evangelism.

More on the Episcopal rift

APittsburgh Post-Gazette article examines how the consecration of Anglican "missionary bishops" to combat liberalism in The Episcopal Church mirrors similar splits in the United Methodist Church and Presbyterian Church (USA). Meanwhile, the Canadian Anglican Primate is issuing some of the harshest words against the "irregular ordinations," calling them "an act of aggression" and "an open and premeditated assault on Anglican tradition, Catholic order and Christian charity." Bishops, he says, "are not intercontinental ballistic missiles, manufactured on one continent and fired into another as an act of aggression."

Jesus statue still seems to support religion, rules appeals court

Faced with a lawsuit against a 15-foot Jesus statue in one of the town's parks, Marshfield, Wisconsin, sold the statue and the surrounding parcel of land to a private group. They still lost, as the the Seventh U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Friday that "the presence of the statue would create the perception of government endorsement in a reasonable observer." The court's proposed solution? "Construct some defining structure, such as a permanent ...

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