"Painted mirrors all aging with cracks/Which way and how far?/I will try to reach the landscape of where you begin/Not the reflection of what I pretend … Lift back the veil that hides you from me."
— from "Summertime"

Seattle band Sunny Day Real Estate is often credited for launching modern emo rock movement in the mid–'90s with their debut, Diary. The sound is typically characterized by melodic rock with emotionally potent vocals and lyrics, punctuated with punk or hard rock tendencies. Despite the acclaim and their following, they split up after two albums. Lead singer and guitarist Jeremy Enigk recorded a solo project, while drummer William Goldsmith and bassist Nate Mendel helped form Foo Fighters with Dave Grohl.

The reason for the split was Enigk's renewed Christian faith in 1995. Although his lyrics rarely addressed faith, Enigk apparently boldly stated his beliefs on the band's website. In 2001, he told HM magazine, "When you have God on your side, you don't need anything else. So, I had no problem quitting the band because it didn't hold anything of value to me anymore." It should also be noted that Enigk told HM in 2000 that he wasn't so much into the religion of Christianity (e.g. church attendance) as he was about making God a central and important part of his life.

Putting spiritual differences aside, Enigk reunited with Goldsmith and guitarist Dan Hoehner to record two more albums before permanently ending Sunny Day Real Estate in 2002. Now Enigk has teamed with Goldsmith and Mendel (both have since left Foo Fighters) to make a fresh start as The Fire Theft. Picking up where SDRE left off and shedding their emo leanings in favor of a more modern progressive rock sound, this is a stunning rock ...

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