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ID ruling (news):

  1. Schools nationwide study impact of evolution ruling | Educators and legislators in communities that are considering including intelligent design in science classes may not be swayed by the recent court decision in Dover, Pa. (The New York Times)

  2. Reactions to testimony mixed | The judge said two former board members lied during the Dover trial (York Daily Record, Pa.)

  3. Santorum now critical of Dover case | He denies he is contradicting earlier statements of support for the cause (The Philadelphia Inquirer)

  4. Advocates of 'Intelligent Design' vow to continue despite ruling | A federal judge's ruling in Pennsylvania that "intelligent design" is religious fundamentalism dressed in the raiment of science has wounded a politically influential movement (The Washington Post)

  5. Case seen as setback to Intelligent Design | Intelligent design advocates say the judge's lengthy, pointed rebuke of the concept Tuesday in a case out of Pennsylvania may energize supporters, many of whom view his opinion as part of a broader pattern of hostility by courts and the government to religion in public schools (Associated Press)

  6. Court ruling won't stop evolution row: experts | Opponents and supporters of the concept said it could also energize and spread the campaign to put it on the curriculum (Reuters)

  7. Theory's value for a science class debated | Alvin Plantinga and other scholars weigh questions of science, God, parent input (South Bend Tribune, Ind.)

  8. 'Victory for science, victory for religion' | Rebuke to intelligent design hailed by much of Jewish community (The JewishWeek, N.Y.)

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