Paul Shanley trial ends:

  • Ex-priest's defense to call psychologist | The defense in the child rape trial of a former priest is focusing on the validity of repressed memory theories, hoping to debunk a key claim of the 27-year-old accuser in the case. (Associated Press)
  • Prosecution wraps up case against priest | Prosecutors rested their case against the defrocked priest at the center of Boston's church abuse scandal with testimony on recovered memory, a topic the defense also hopes to tackle. (Associated Press)
  • Prosecutors rest case vs. Shanley | 1 of 3 child rape charges dropped. (The Boston Globe)
  • Shanley accuser concludes testimony | Proceedings halted briefly as wife cries (The Boston Globe)
  • A trip down memory lane | The Cambridge courtroom in which Paul R. Shanley is being tried for the rape and sexual abuse of a child will become a political forum as well as a judicial arena this week when testimony turns to the reliability of human memory (Eileen McNamara, The Boston Globe)
  • Early legal moves are focus in abuse trial | day after he says he recovered memories that he was abused by a priest, a 27-year-old man was talking to a lawyer about pursuing a lawsuit against the Roman Catholic Church, according to testimony and documents presented Friday in the criminal trial of the now-defrocked priest. (The New York Times)
  • Jury gets case in rape trial of priest | The fate of defrocked priest Paul Shanley, who is charged with raping a boy at his church outside Boston in the 1980s, now rests with a jury. (Associated Press)
  • 2 sides finish at the trial of ex-priest in abuse case | The lawyer for Paul R. Shanley, a defrocked priest accused of sexual abuse, told a jury in closing arguments on Thursday that the accuser, now a 27-year-old firefighter, either had false memories of fictitious abuse or invented the accusations to win a suit. (The New York Times)
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