Glenn Kaiser is one of the friendliest folks you could ever meet. Forget the weathered, leathered, tough-guy biker look. The Christian music veteran loves a good conversation, has an easy laugh, a twinkle in his eye, and generally makes a listener feel appreciated. So why's such a nice guy singing the blues? Because he's also brutally honest. And honestly, life sometimes stinks. Sin is rampant. Evil is everywhere. The blues are alive and well—whether we sing about it or not. The Bible is full of the blues; it's even got a book called Lamentations. Kaiser notes that 57 of the 150 Psalms are songs of lament; he even calls David the "original bluesman." And the 50-something Kaiser has lived the blues. He grew up in poverty. His parents divorced when he was a teen, shattering his life. He became the stereotypical drug-abusing rocker who once attempted suicide. But then he found Jesus and turned his life around. He joined Jesus People USA, where he became a leader and an ordained pastor in the inner-city ministry which focuses on reaching the poor, the down-and-out. Along the way, he founded the popular (and now defunct) rock group Resurrection Band, did a number of side and solo projects, and, more recently, formed the three-piece Glenn Kaiser Band, which specializes in playing the blues. A Christian singing the blues? Kaiser says it makes perfect sense. We sat down with the veteran singer/songwriter/guitarist after a recent gig to get the story.

Do you think of Glenn Kaiser Band as an extension of Resurrection Band, or something totally new?

Glenn Kaiser It's a natural progression, and in some ways it's come full circle. Before I became a Christian, I was doing three-piece groups—blues rock, very similar to what you're ...

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