Olivia Hussey was just 15 when she played the lead role in arguably the greatest love story of all time, Romeo and Julet, the 1968 classic directed by Franco Zefirelli and for which she won a Golden Globe award. Less than a decade later, she played the Virgin Mary in Zefirelli's Jesus of Nazareth, one of the best-ever films about Christ. So, after playing two of the most famous women of all time, what other role could she possibly aspire to?

For Hussey, the answer was easy: Mother Teresa, a woman she's admired for more than 20 years. She got her wish a few years ago, starring in a made-for-TV drama, Mother Teresa, which releases for the first time on DVD today (Fox Home Entertainment). The film is a poignant look at the selfless nun who brought hope and love to the poorest of the poor in the streets of Calcutta, India. The Missionaries of Charity heartily approved this film, giving Hussey great praise for her depiction of their founder.

Hussey, 55, probably wouldn't describe herself as a Christian. She recently went on a spiritual journey to India to participate in a course at Oneness University, where she practiced "reflection, meditation, and receiving 'Deeksha,'" according to her website. "Deeksha," says Hussey, "means the transfer of energy thru the Golden Ball of divine grace. This is an energy that travels through a person's 'charkas' (energy center) and begins a subtle and wonderful transformation."


At any rate, Hussey says she's a strong believer in God who once thought of becoming a nun—and we have to admit she does a marvelous job playing the lead role in Mother Teresa, bringing the revered woman to vibrant life, showing her spunk and her unconditional love for the poor. Hussey recently spoke with Christianity ...

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