In a previous life, Luke Goss was half of the immensely popular British boy band Bros (his twin brother Matt was the other half), which sold 15 million albums and toured the world numerous times before calling it quits in 1992.

Goss went on to try the theater, got hooked on acting, and has never turned back. He has since done a number of stage plays and 21 movies, including roles in Blade 2 (as Nomak) and in Frankenstein (as The Creature), a TV miniseries.

Vampires and monsters aside, Goss is now playing a biblical character—Xerxes, king of Persia—in the new film, One Night With the King, the story of the book of Esther, the courageous young Jewish woman who risked her life to ask Xerxes to spare the lives of her people. The film, adapted from Tommy Tenney's book of the same title, opens in almost 1,000 theaters this Friday.

Newcomer Tiffany Dupont plays Esther, while veteran stars Omar Sharif, Peter O'Toole, and John Rhys-Davies are also featured in the film. We caught up with the 38-year-old Goss to talk about the movie.

I hear you have an interesting story about landing this role?

Luke Goss: Yes. I loved Xerxes' role and I read for them. They liked what I did and invited me back for a screen test about a month later. But the night before, I was very, very sick. I had flown in from London, and picked up a virus on the plane or something. I spent the night in the hospital with IVs in my arm. It was crazy. I checked myself out of the hospital at five in the morning. The doctor said, "You're not well. You're dehydrated. You should stay." And I said no, I've got something to do.

So I went to the screen test, did what I could, and went back to the hotel. Later, the phone rang. And my agent said, "You're the king!" I went, ...

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