What exactly do a police psychologist and a seminary student share in common? Why, they're both haunted by their pasts and targeted by a serial killer with a penchant for explosives. At least that's the case in Thr3e, the best-selling novel from Christian author Ted Dekker and now a motion picture—the latest theatrical release from the Fox Faith division of 20th Century Fox.

We're first introduced to psychologist Jennifer Peters (Justine Wadell), whose own recent book has drawn the wrath of RK (short for the Riddle Killer). You know the type from other movies—a shadowy psycho who speaks via cell phone using an electronically scrambled voice, toying with victims through half-baked riddles and clues that can potentially spare them from a seemingly limitless supply of explosives. Unable to solve a riddle in time, Jennifer ends up losing her brother to one of the mad bomber's schemes in the opening scene.

Three months later, we meet Kevin Parson (Marc Blucas from TV's Buffy the Vampire Slayer), a bright seminary student struggling to finish his thesis on time—and of course, the subject would have to be The Nature of Evil. After a cell phone call, a riddle, and a car bomb, it would seem that Kevin is the next target, with the mad bomber demanding a confession from him for some past sin.

But what secret haunts the good-natured student's past that would threaten his life, and how does it relate to RK's previous killings? That's up to Kevin to figure out with the assistance of Jennifer and the police, as well as Samantha (Laura Jordan), a childhood friend of Kevin's. Together they uncover the bomber's riddle-traps, each one gradually leading us to the surprising truth of RK's true identity.

The good news is that Thr3e ...

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Our Rating
1½ Stars - Weak
Average Rating
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Mpaa Rating
PG-13 (for violence, disturbing images, and terror)
Directed By
Robby Henson
Run Time
1 hour 41 minutes
Marc Blucas, Justine Waddell, Laura Jordan
Theatre Release
January 05, 2007 by 20th Century Fox
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