When Amy Adams was hired to play the latest in a long line of Disney movie princesses in Enchanted—opening Wednesday—she didn't have to do much research. After all, the 2007 Oscar nominee (for Junebug) says she's been studying for her role her entire life.

"I would love to say that I sat in front of the television and watched all the Disney movies to prepare for this role," Adams said at a recent publicity event for Enchanted in Los Angeles. "But the truth is, I spent my entire childhood watching these films. They were already a part of who I am."

She actually tried out to be a princess at one of Disney's theme parks when she was 19, "but I didn't get cast," says Adams.

Now 33, Adams' performance in Enchanted is a perfect translation of the franchise's many cartoon princesses; she's even getting some early Oscar buzz. And she didn't have to rent a single movie to prepare, because she already owned them all.

A love letter to all things Disney

That universal intrinsic knowledge of Disney lore is exactly what inspired Enchanted, "a love letter to all things Disney," says co-star Patrick Dempsey (Grey's Anatomy).

In the movie's opening minutes, a cartoon beauty named Giselle (Adams) daydreams of a prince who will come and give her "true love's kiss." Surrounding her are her forest friends—bluebirds, a baby deer, a gray rabbit, a warthog, etc. The sweet, idealistic two-dimensional beginning is a condensed Disney classic of yesteryear—the brave and charming Prince Edward (James Marsden) meets Giselle, saves her from danger, and promptly whisks her away to be "married in the morning!"

Unlike the famous classic Disney films of the past, that's just the beginning. Edward's stepmother (Susan Sarandon) sees Giselle ...

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