The last two weeks, we've let you know our favorite movies of 2008—from the year's Most Redeeming films to our Critics' Choice list. Now it's your turn.

In voting for our annual Readers' Choice Awards, you went for films about a marriage on the brink, an irresistible robot, a kid from the slums of Mumbai, an adventure story in Narnia, and much more. But more than any other movie, you went for a riveting story about a caped crusader on a mission, and probably the darkest movie ever chosen No. 1 by our readers—The Dark Knight.

Here are your picks for the best movies of 2008, followed by comments from readers on each. Thanks for voting!

1. The Dark Knight

directed by Christopher Nolan
"Though a dark movie, we see heroes as we should see other people, gifted but sometimes flawed." "Beyond compelling acting, a great story." "The most powerful film of the year. A complex film which made the viewer look inward, and wonder whether a murderer lurked in each of us. Bale's tortured Batman is the most real, and the most suffering, of all the Batmans." "BIG EXPLOSIONS!!!!!" "Heath Ledger did an amazing job as the Joker—perhaps too good a job; I believe he transcended the medium." "It is rare that a film is able to address such wide-ranging issues as authoritarianism, domestic spying, use of torture, and society reactions to crime along with such personal issues as responsibility, integrity, and doubt in the middle of a thrill ride. The Dark Knight accomplishes all of this." "Because we all need a savior, and there's nothing like a really creepy bad guy, defeated by a good guy in cool superhero garb (and with a really pimped out car) who gives it all up to save everyone." (Our review.)

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2. Fireproofdirected by Alex Kendrick "Great ...

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