When Christian music veteran Ray Boltz released a statement saying he was gay last fall, the announcement sent tidal waves of disbelief through the CCM world, shocking longtime listeners with his assertion, "If this is the way God made me, then this is the way I'm going to live." The news prompted hundreds of related articles, messageboard threads and forum discussions on the topic of homosexuality and the church.

Gospel/worship artist B. David, whose own history of homosexuality and spiritual downward spiral hit rock bottom in 1997—which he calls "the worst year of my life"—shares in Boltz' candidness, but not his convictions. "Some say, 'I was born this way,' and I don't deny that at all. We are all born into sin," he explains. "But we have a Savior.  There would be no reason for Jesus Christ if we were all OK."

Presenting an alternative perspective of change through his own testimony of grace, the now-married father of three suggests, "The only way to break through this stuff is for people to expose themselves openly in front of congregations and in their spheres of influence."

Realizing his own "sphere of influence" would greatly expand this year with the launch of his national recording debut, Life Journal, B. David remembers thinking, I'm starting to tell my testimony. People are really going to know who I am and what I am dealing with, alluding to the 6,000-plus congregants at Destiny Metropolitan Worship Church in Atlanta, where B. David serves as head worship leader. "But I have to be willing to [share my testimony] because my heart is for people to be free. My heart is for people to get more of God."

And where better to start sharing his story from than the very beginning.

Abusive childhood

B. David's home ...

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