Style: R&B vocals, pop/worship songs; compare to Britt Nicole, Jimmy Needham, Brandon Heath

Top tracks: "Free," "All the Way to Texas," "Come Down to It"

Social networking sensation Coffey Anderson's major label debut toys with a myriad of musical styles, incorporating commercial worship, Jason Mraz-like Caribbean backbeat wordplay, rap, and pop R&B on his YouTube hit, "Better Today." And though his genre exploration is authentic, the project fails for lack of cohesion. Self-produced, self-recorded, and mostly written by the Texas native, the album suffers from lack of outside expertise. Of course, having sold 100,000 of his independent discography without the help of conventional marketing and press—and considering that proceeds from this album benefit L.A.'s Dream Center—there is something good to be found.

Coffey Anderson
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2 Stars - Fair
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Release Date
September 28, 2010
Dream Records
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