Sounds like: Radio-ready folk pop; compare to Phil Wickham, Brandon Heath, John Mayer

Top tracks: "Figured Out," "Delights in You," "Weeps For You"

On Jonny Diaz's fourth album, it's hard to tell which audience he's aiming for: secular or Christian. Put this on in the background of your local Starbucks and the cheery, impishly catchy acoustic pop would fit right in next to the likes of Jack Johnson or Jason Mraz. But the center of the album is a worshipful heart that beats strong and steadfast. Diaz's lyrics tend to lean on well-worn aphorisms of faith, but when they bump up against surprising touches like the lite-funk horns on "Figured Out" and the string section that throws that lovely nostalgic ache to tracks like "Weeps for You," the clichés are much more palatable.

The Beauty Of The Cross
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Release Date
March 29, 2011
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