Style: Worship/gospel; compare to Israel & New Breed, William McDowell, Natalie Grant

Top tracks: "Excellent," "Set Me Free" (w/ Michael Gungor), "Fill Me" (w/ Daniel Eric Groves)

Utilizing uncut, extended play tracks to capture the breadth of a Munizzi-led worship service, and featuring unique co-writes to highlight her distinctive gospel-CCM hybrid sound, the Dove and Stellar winner continues her string of best-selling releases focused on live worship music. Emphasizing the communal aspects of worship with Scripture-led, sing-a-long tracks that cater to the fortes of each guest artist—stunningly exampled on the chiming subtleties of Michael Gungor's "You Set Me Free" collaboration—Munizzi's obvious focus is facilitating God's presence through fellow believers' musical strengths. And though song length burdens the set list a bit, Munizzi's sincerity is a big sell.

Make It Loud
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April 26, 2011
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