Style: Mellow, piano-driven folk/hymns; compare to Chris Rice, Andrew Peterson, Keith Getty

Top tracks: "Kyrie I," "Just As I Am," "Ruby's Advent Song"

Fernando Ortega is a master at creating melancholy, contemplative acoustic folk songs that can just as easily double as inspirational worship music. Simple piano lines undergird the majority of the melodies, with Ortega's plaintive vocals caressing the lyrics like a lover. The yearning for connection in both the music and vocals is almost palpable. Portions are embellished with a lush, sacred choir and subdued orchestration, which lends an ethereal, reverential tone to the entire project. This is an album of long-distance love letters between a bride and her bridegroom, suitable for quiet evenings and early morning meditations. Simply gorgeous.

Come Down O Love Divine
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4 Stars - Excellent
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Release Date
July 12, 2011
Word Entertainment
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