Style: Modern rock; compare to Sanctus Real, The Afters, Hearts of Saints, Rush of Fools

Top tracks: "Natural Disaster," "Heart and Flesh," "Innocence and Other Things Lost"

The growth between Starfield's self-titled debut in 2004 through today is nothing short of astronomical and perhaps comes as a result of stepping down from major label life. The Kingdom marks the band's first ever indie release and also its most artistically ambitious—without the boundaries of radio formats and industry gatekeepers. The ten tracks are still accessible and anthemic, but the guitars have more crunch than usual and the harmonies follow equally unpredictable patterns. Message wise, Starfield blends modern worship with glimpses of members' personal journeys, but with a newfound sense of optimism and wonder.

The Kingdom
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4 Stars - Excellent
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Release Date
May 18, 2004
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