Style: Contemporary praise; compare to Steven Curtis Chapman, Michael W. Smith, Newsong

Top tracks: "I Will Love You Still," "One Day," "I Gave Up"

Over the past ten years, Schultz has become a household name to many evangelicals, known for his heartfelt stories of family and saving grace. On All Things Possible, he continues carving out his place in the contemporary Christian world with piano and guitar-driven pop and smooth, albeit non-descript, vocals. Perhaps as an attempt to get creative with a tired genre, Schultz adds subtle structural changes and a conservative dash of funk with brass band and gospel influences on "I Gave Up" and "Haven't Met You Yet." Ultimately, though, faithful fans will be pleased that he's sticking to his signature style.

All Things Possible
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3 Stars - Good
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Release Date
September 4, 2012
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