Streaming Picks

On demand and Amazon Instant Video this week are Philomena (our review) and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (our review). The Bible, the 2013 miniseries by the History Channel, is newly available on Netflix. For the kids, try Holes on Netflix, based on the novel by Louis Sachar, starring a very young Shia LaBeouf.

Critics Roundup

Mad Men Season 7 premiered just over a week ago, and two episodes have aired. After the premiere episode aired, critics began recapping, writing about the episode's plot and themes. (Don't click through unless you're willing to have plot points spoiled!) Matt Zoller Seitz for Vulture says, "Don is damaged goods. He's pre-AA Freddy Rumsen, plus genius, with Rock Hudson good looks." Sam Adams for Indiewire writes, " . . . as the character who moves between [time] zones–and who has his strangest, most soul-searching moment while in the effectively timeless space of an airplane in flight–Don is a man out of time, belonging nowhere." Alissa Wilkinson, our chief film critic, writes for Christ & Pop Culture, that Don "is dying of thirst. He's just not sure what he's thirsty for anymore." As Wilkinson concludes, "Whatever this is the 'start' of, we'd better be paying attention."

Fargo, an adaptation of the Coens' 1996 film, premiered this past Tuesday on FX. Billy Bob Thornton plays Lorne Malvo, whom Ben Travers for Indiewire calls Heath Ledger's Joker "without the makeup and the scars." The miniseries is 10 episodes long, and producer and writer Noah Hawley takes advantage of the flexibility of television (as opposed to film) "to lure in viewers with the lovingly quirky ...

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