Daily Devotion: How Christians Rank 16 Mundane Essentials of Faith

A graphical look at Pew's research on the lives of highly religious Americans.
Daily Devotion: How Christians Rank 16 Mundane Essentials of Faith
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The Pew Research Center recently examined how Americans apply their faith to daily life. It found that 1 in 3 Americans pray daily and worship weekly. Of these “highly religious” Americans, half are evangelicals.

Pew also dove deeper into more mundane areas of daily life, such as family time, exercise, and recycling. It found that religious Americans are happier than other Americans, but not necessarily better to themselves or society.

Among Christians who pray daily and attend church weekly, here’s how evangelicals compare to mainline Protestants and Catholics. Also listed are American Christians overall (regardless of religiosity) as well as nominal evangelicals (those who do not pray daily or attend church weekly).

What ​'s Essential to Being a Christian?

Respondents answered, varying widely on church attendance and Bible reading, but held similar views on prioritizing family, being grateful, and exercising.

​Basic Behaviors

Overall, Pew found that beliefs are strongly linked with actions. For example, among evangelicals who believe that creation care is essential to being a Christian, 45 percent said a company's environmental responsibility is a key factor in deciding whether to purchase products. Among evangelicals who don't believe creation care is essential, only 14 percent say likewise.

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Daily Devotion: How Christians Rank 16 Mundane ...
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