Third Culture

Third Culture looks at matters of faith from the multicultural and minority perspective.
Peter Chin

Peter W. Chin is the pastor of Rainier Avenue Church and author of Blindsided By God. His advocacy work for racial reconciliation has been featured on CBS Sunday Morning, NPR, and the Washington Post.

The Problem with 'Mad Max' FeminismThe Problem with 'Mad Max' FeminismSubscriber Access Only
Is men’s propensity for violence really something to be imitated?
How Hurt Pastors Hurt PeopleHow Hurt Pastors Hurt PeopleSubscriber Access Only
Some people try to hurt pastors, but most do not. Every person deserves the chance to prove that they are the latter and not the former.
How to Destroy Your PastorHow to Destroy Your PastorSubscriber Access Only
What threatens pastors most is not the attack that comes from outside the church, but the criticisms of cliques from within.
Raising a Generation of Peacemakers, Part TwoRaising a Generation of Peacemakers, Part TwoSubscriber Access Only
What does it mean to be both a peacemaker and a parent at the same time? A guest post from Russell Jeung.
Raising a Generation of Peacemakers, Part OneRaising a Generation of Peacemakers, Part OneSubscriber Access Only
Following Jesus may put us in harm's way. But we should never be alone in that endeavor. A guest post from Russell Jeung.
We Are More Than '21'We Are More Than '21'Subscriber Access Only
The '21' showed us that despite our differences, we are one family in Christ.
Piety in the #Ashtag EraPiety in the #Ashtag EraSubscriber Access Only
Jesus never said, "When you give, make sure to use a hashtag to let other people know."
Dancing With CancerDancing With CancerSubscriber Access Only
Suffering and joy are not mutually exclusive. God can be present in both. An excerpt from Peter's book.
When You Don't Know What God Is Up ToWhen You Don't Know What God Is Up ToSubscriber Access Only
Sometimes all you need to know that a gift is good is to know Who gave it to you.
The Day I Became a ManThe Day I Became a ManSubscriber Access Only
There is a time for lament, and a time for lament to cease. An excerpt from Peter's new book.
Miscarriage, and Our Love Affair With EuphemismMiscarriage, and Our Love Affair With EuphemismSubscriber Access Only
A excerpt from Peter's upcoming book, Blindsided By God
When Disappointment Is The Best Thing For UsWhen Disappointment Is The Best Thing For UsSubscriber Access Only
Disappointment really hurts. But perhaps it hurts for an important reason.
Making Room For Those With NoneMaking Room For Those With NoneSubscriber Access Only
We all know there was no room for Christ at the inn. But is it the same in our own lives? A guest post by Sherry Woods
Please Stop Asking 'But What About...?'Please Stop Asking 'But What About...?'Subscriber Access Only
True sympathy is wonderful. Playing one form of suffering against another is not.
How To Be A Christlike AllyHow To Be A Christlike AllySubscriber Access Only
Many of us want to be allies to our African American brothers and sisters but don't know how. The incarnation of Jesus shows us the way.
Ferguson, Church, and Continuing the ConversationFerguson, Church, and Continuing the ConversationSubscriber Access Only
How can we continue the conversation on race in every season? A guest post by Rich Villodas
America the Beautiful, America the ViolentAmerica the Beautiful, America the ViolentSubscriber Access Only
Ferguson may be about race, but it is also about violence. And we should have something to say about both.
Asking 'Why Me, God?' But in a Different WayAsking 'Why Me, God?' But in a Different WaySubscriber Access Only
The question "Why me, God?" can be a lament, but also an expression of gratitude.
No Such Thing As Convenient ChristianityNo Such Thing As Convenient ChristianitySubscriber Access Only
Convenience is deeply engrained in American life. But it has no place in the life of faith.
What It's Like to Be Third Culture, and Why It Matters to the ChurchWhat It's Like to Be Third Culture, and Why It Matters to the ChurchSubscriber Access Only
The cultural terrain immigrants must navigate is difficult, but is also a source of strength.

Top Story April 4, 2020

When I Was a Health Risk to Society
When I Was a Health Risk to Society
My radioactive body brought me shame. But I learned how to bring my fears to the Cross.

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