We’re recording live this week from CT’s quarterly staff meeting with special guests CT president and CEO Tim Dalrymple and news editor Daniel Silliman. Host Mike Cosper and producer Clarissa Moll discuss the escalating student protests on US college campuses—why students are gathering and how free speech rights shape university discourse. Then, the United Methodist Church met this week to remove all LGBTQ limitations from its books. Should conservative churches within the denomination stay, or should they go?

Today’s Guests:

Timothy Dalrymple is a former national champion gymnast who turned to academia following an accident in college where he broke his neck. He studied at Stanford University, Princeton Theological Seminary, and Harvard’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, where he made suffering a key theme of his research and teaching in modern Western religious thought. Dalrymple was a key player in the launch of Patheos.com, an online marketing place of religious ideas, and he pioneered many of the techniques that led Patheos to become the world’s largest platform for multi-religious conversations. In 2013, he founded Polymath, a creative agency that services businesses and nonprofits serving the world. Dalrymple currently serves as president and CEO of Christianity Today, the flagship evangelical media ministry founded in 1956 by Billy Graham.

Daniel Silliman is a journalist and a historian. He is news editor for Christianity Today, author of a history of bestselling evangelical fiction, and teaches humanities at Milligan University. Daniel spent several years as a crime reporter outside Atlanta before pursuing higher education in Germany, earning an MA from Tübingen University and a doctoral degree from Heidelberg University. He has reported and edited news coverage for CT since 2019.

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