There’s a thread of cynicism that runs through American Christianity today, and it doesn’t take much to find it everywhere. From the recent revival at Asbury University to presidential candidacy announcements to Super Bowl ads and the Enneagram, it’s as though we’re all trying hard to sniff out a rat.

Cynicism rarely serves us well, and in this episode of The Bulletin, hosts Mike Cosper and editor in chief Russell Moore drop the skepticism and talk honestly about what it means to approach religious and political fervor with a genuine sense of hope. Mike headed to Asbury University this week and brings news of the Holy Spirit’s work on campus. Moore posits that, in Nikki Haley’s presidential announcement, the Republican party may be turning a corner on vitriolic rhetoric.

Special guest author, podcaster, and nonprofit founder Jesse Eubanks joins the conversation to talk about how releasing our cynicism can lead to growth in our relationships and self-awareness.

Joining us this week:

Jesse Eubanks is the founder and director of Love Thy Neighbor, a nonprofit organization dedicated to discipleship and missions for modern times. He is also the host of the Love Thy Neighborhood podcast and The EnneaCast. Jesse’s book How We Relate: Understanding God, Yourself, and Others through the Enneagram released in January 2023 from Zondervan.

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