As American cultural rhetoric narrows and intensifies, followers of Jesus must ask, “How can my participation in a pluralistic society reflect the fruits of the Spirit?” Whether we’re weighing in on politics, gender issues, or the latest hit film, we all must learn to image Christ in the spaces we inhabit.

In this week’s episode of The Bulletin, journalists David French and Sonny Bunch join host Mike Cosper to talk about the topics that are dividing us these days, namely the Conservative Political Action Conference, transgenderism, and the Oscars. David French discusses the threat to true liberty and constitutional rights that accompanies the lust for power. Cosper and French wonder together whether pluralism in America can thrive when we refuse to live in peace with those who disagree with us. Sonny Bunch joins the end of the episode with an assessment of this year’s films. Setting politics aside, could we finally agree that Top Gun: Maverick should win Best Picture?

Joining us this week:
David French joined The New York Times as an Opinion columnist in January 2023. Before that, he was a senior editor at The Dispatch, which he helped start, and a contributing writer at The Atlantic. He spent most of his career as a practicing lawyer, working in both commercial and constitutional litigation. In his late 30s, he joined the United States Army Reserve as a judge advocate general. David deployed to Iraq in 2007 and served in Diyala province, where he was awarded a Bronze Star. During his legal career, he litigated in federal courts from coast to coast and served as a lecturer at Cornell Law School. He is a former president of the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression. David’s most recent book is Divided We Fall: America’s Secession Threat and How to Restore Our Nation.

Sonny Bunch, a Washington Post contributing columnist, is the culture editor for The Bulwark, where he hosts the Bulwark Goes to Hollywood newsletter and podcast and Across the Movie Aisle. He is a member of the Washington Area Film Critics Association.

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