On Wednesday night, less than twenty four hours after a judge handed down his guilty verdict in a sexual assault case, former president Donald Trump held his first town hall of the campaign season. While the latter event may have overshadowed the former, this week’s news reminds us that the backstory is just as important as the headline, no matter what the cheering crowds may say.

This week on The Bulletin, hosts Mike Cosper and editor in chief Russell Moore talk with CT’s chief impact officer, Nicole Martin, about the stories behind Trump’s latest bid for the presidency, the fear behind Republican reticence, and the complicated heritage that must inform our understanding of Jordan Neely’s death. They discuss media responsibility, racist tropes, and the political and moral danger of acting out of acquiescence instead of courage. In this episode, Martin offers a helpful three-step exercise to help process events like Neely’s death, and listeners will be surprised (or not!) to discover how WWE helps us understand the shaping of political narratives.

Joining us this week:
Nicole Martin serves Christianity Today as chief impact officer after serving on its board of directors. Nicole oversees three major strategic initiatives that are shaping the future of CT including The Global Initiative, the Big Tent Initiative, and the Next Gen Initiative.

Resources Referenced:
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