“In the long run, we’re really looking to be enfolded in a durable, relational community in which we are known and loved—loved after we’re known, instead of loved because we’re not yet known.”

So says Andy Crouch, author, speaker, and partner at the venture-building ecosystem Praxis. As someone who fell in love with computers and technology at a young age, Crouch has spent years considering the ways technology shapes societies, families, and individuals. In this postpandemic era, Crouch sees a universal quest to live humanly as we try to build back our relational muscles. Yet many of us still hope that technology will make good on its promises of power, happiness, and connection.

On this episode of The Russell Moore Show, Crouch and Moore discuss what it looks like to live a life of love in a culture that’s saturated in technology. They talk about how the online space has shaped our approach to commerce and money. And they share hopeful wisdom for putting technology in its proper place so that the things that matter most in life can flourish.

Resources mentioned in this episode include:

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