The pandemic changed how all creatives produced and marketed their work, but as restrictions have lifted many are holding onto the lessons learned from that season of limitations. Whether it’s saying “no” to technological advances in favor of stripped down recordings or shrugging off the frenetic nature of show business for a slower pace, musicians, artists, and others are discovering the surprising filling that comes in empty spaces.

In this week’s episode, host Sandra McCracken talks with Americana musician David Ramirez about the habits he’s formed in slow, creative work. Ramirez traces the line from his high school discovery of music to his latest EP, Rules & Regulations. Along the way, listeners get a peek into his musical process, the moments that fuel his work, and the ways he’s letting music soak in before it pours out on stage.

Special Guest:
Prolific singer and songwriter David Ramirez has earned a large and growing following for his soulful, introspective songs and passionate performances.

Resources Referenced:
Running on Empty by Sandra McCracken and David Ramirez
Backslider by David Ramirez
Jerry Seinfeld: Comedian

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