Trauma may be a buzzword today, but it’s no simple concept to untangle. For many who experience abuse or trauma at the hands of church leaders, their pain becomes a breeding ground for doubt, deconstruction, and despair. Thankfully, God’s Spirit persists in bringing new life from the ashes of our suffering.

Sandra McCracken talks with trauma-informed counseler Colleen Ramser about the intersection between theology and therapy on this episode of The Slow Work. Ramser participates in perhaps the slowest work of all: helping clients unravel painful stories and delicately reweave new, healthier narratives. This conversation captures her wise and gentle insights about the long process of healing, the importance of community, and the small deposits of grace that enable us to rebuild a hopeful future.

Special Guest:
Colleen Ramser is a licensed therapist and spiritual formation coach who has been journeying with women for nearly 15 years. She specializes in trauma, spiritual abuse, domestic abuse, and women’s issues. She regularly trains pastors and other therapists on trauma-informed care and ministry as well as domestic abuse and spiritual abuse.

Resources Referenced:
Mary, Untier of Knots by Johann Georg Melchior Schmidtner

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