After the death of a loved one, we often feel compelled to say something. But, what to say? Lacking rich words of consolation, we fall back on platitudes, motivational quotes, and spiritual soundbytes only to discover our words ring hollow. Nothing, it seems, lessens the pain.

In this episode, Christianity Today’s editor-in-chief Daniel Harrell and author Clarissa Moll discuss how we can deliver hope that actually helps in the face of heartbreaking loss. Daniel and Clarissa talk about why acknowledging mystery brings comfort and how grief shifts as time passes. They share their own wrestling with faith in grief and how after loss, love infuses our lives with hope.

If you’re wondering how to walk with a loved one experiencing loss, this conversation will offer you practical insights for becoming a companion in sorrow. If you’re grieving, you’ll find understanding and encouragement as you press forward into your new life. Pat and Tammy McLeod, Harvard Cru chaplains and authors of Hit Hard: One Family’s Journey of Letting Go of What Was – and Learning to Live Well with What Is, share their story of ambiguous loss and their 12-year journey to discover hope in the midst of tragedy.

Surprised by Grief is a production of Christianity Today.

Produced by Mike Cosper

Written by Daniel Harrell and Clarissa Moll

Edited and mixed by Mark Owens

Music by The Porters Gate