People around us may think they know what’s best for our future, but in the end, it’s God’s plan that matter most. This is a truth Grammy-nominated and recording artist Mali Music learned at a young age, when he decided, against his family and community’s wishes, to pursue his passion for creating music. On this episode of the VOICES’s Where Ya From? podcast, the singer-songwriter details his childhood in the church, his boyhood pressures in athletics, and how he overcame criticism to chase his dreams.

Guest Bio:

Grammy-nominated, singer-songwriter, and producer Mali Music began creating and arranging his own material at the age of twelve. Since then, he’s gone on to receive acclaim in both the sacred and secular music worlds with his albums, 2econd Coming, Mali Is…,and The Book of Mali. His song “Beautiful” also made the Billboard charts and propelled him into the mainstream music industry.

Notes & Quotes:

  • “I loved falling into just the shadow of the Most High, like, disappearing in worship.”
  • “I just never wanted the Word of God . . . to be detested or underestimated like I was . . . .”
  • “You gotta trust God. And I just love that music is just gonna be connected to what God is doing.”

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