Unification Church (Moonies)

Founded in 1954 by South Korean Sun Myung Moon, The Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity, or Unification Church, has grown to include over 5 million members across the globe. Based out of Seoul, South Korea, the movement is known for its large scale marriage rededication ceremonies and involvement in global business ventures, politics, social activism and the arts.

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Why Are Pastors Flying to Moon?
Why Are Pastors Flying to Moon?Subscriber Access Only
Recent black clergy firings are only the latest chapter in Unification Church's efforts to court Christian leaders
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Moon-Related Funds Filter to EvangelicalsSubscriber Access Only
Unification Church: Inside Moon's Unhappy Family
Unification Church: Inside Moon's Unhappy FamilySubscriber Access Only
Church founder's ex-daughter-in-law pens grim tome about life on the inside.