Christian History is launched with the prayer that it will serve to acquaint readers with significant events, personalities, movements and developments in the history of the church. Those who are unfamiliar with the subject matter will find it to be a stimulating introduction to areas covered. At the same time we hope to interest those who are students of Church history with material not easily available such as this issue’s translation of the Oldendorp work (Missionaries Against Terrible Odds) which was published in German in 1777.

An awareness of Christian History is one of the most neglected but necessary ingredients in the spiritual diet of Christians today. It is not a luxury for those with a particular interest in the field nor is it the peculiar province of those who find fulfillment amidst the musty smells of old bookstores and museums.

Christians are handicapped by a lack of knowledge of the story of those who have preceded us in generations past. The scriptures continually call us to remember God’s work in ages past and this must now also include the working of our Lord through the centuries since the scriptures were completed.

We are too easily captive to the contemporary and become unthinking assenters to our culture’s seduction by the now, the latest, the present moment. Understanding of Christian history will help us in many ways. We will uncover precedents in the past of how God has worked. We will gain perspective that will help us see our current situation in a new light. We will develop a sense of continuity and see how the unfolding of God’s purposes transcends any single generation, century, denomination, geography, or ideology.

Our intention is to publish a magazine with no sectarian ax to grind and with ...

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