1489 Birth of Schwenckfeld in Ossig, Silesia


1517 Luther’s Posting of the 95 Theses

1518 Schwenckfeld’s “Awakening”

1525 Schwenckfeld-Luther meeting

1527 Schleitheim Confession (First major Confession of the Anabaptists)

1529 Schwenckfeld’s Self-Exile

1530 Time in Strasbourg

•Augsburg Confession (First major Lutheran Statement of Faith)

1535 Colloquy with Butzer and others

1537 Conflict with preachers in Ulm

1540 Foundation of Jesuits under Ignatius Loyola

1541 Schwenckfeld writes his Great Confession

1546 Death of Martin Luther

1558 Queen Elizabeth I of England

1561 Schwenckfeld’s death; death of Menno Simons

1564 Death of John Calvin

1580s Activity of Martin John Jr. and Antonius Oelsner


1610s Activity of Daniel Sudermann

1611 King James Version of Bible

1618 Beginning of Thirty Years War

1648 Treaty of Westphalia ends the Thirty Years War: only Lutheranism, Calvinism and Catholicism legally ac cepted as religions in Europe

1675 Philip Jacob Spener’s Pia Desideria initiates Pietism

1680s Activity of Martin John Jr.


1719 Jesuit persecution against Schwenckfelders in Silesia begins

1721 Schwenckfelder representatives sent to Vienna to plea for relief

1726 Schwenckfelders flee Silesia to Saxony

1731 First migration

1733 Second migration

1734 Third and central migration

1735 Fourth migration

1736 Fifth migration

1737 Sixth migration

1765 Towamencin school house erected

1782 Aug.17 Constitution of the Schwenckfelder Society

1790 Hosensack meetinghouse erected for worship; one room for educational purposes—“the Hosensack Academy”

1791 Washington meetinghouse erected

1793 Towamencin meetinghouse erected

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