The Puritans


1569 Thomas Cartwright argues for a purified English Christianity

1571 Parliament approves Thirty-Nine Articles of Religion

1590 Thomas Cartwright and others arrested for trying to reform the church

1593 Execution of two separatists

1603 James VI of Scotland becomes James I of England

1604 King James I thwarts most Puritan reforms in their “Millenary Petition”

1608 Puritan separatists from town of Scrooby migrate to Netherlands to avoid persecution


1620 Scrooby separatists return to England and then sail for Virginia on the Mayflower; these Pilgrims settle outside Virginia’s boundaries

1629 Increasing pressure put on Puritans in England. New England Company reorganized as Massachusetts Bay Company

1630 The Arbella and sister ships sail for Massachusetts; Governor John Winthrop makes Boston seat of colony

1633 William Laud becomes Archbishop of Canterbury, fueling Great Migration of Puritans to New England

1635 Roger Williams banished from Bay Colony, founds Providence the following year

1636 Harvard College founded. Puritans from Massachusetts found Hartford, Connecticut

1637 Native Americans and Puritans battle in Pequot War. New Haven colony founded

1638 Anne Hutchinson banished


1640Bay Psalm Book published

1642 English Civil War begins; American Puritans side with Parliament against King Charles I

1643 Parliament establishes Westminster Assembly to reform the English church

1644 Rhode Island granted charter

1649 Cambridge Platform defines New England congregationalism; King Charles I beheaded; Commonwealth of England proclaimed; reforming forces reign

1650 Anne Bradstreet’s poetry published in England

1651 John Eliot founds village for praying Indians

1653 Puritan Oliver Cromwell becomes Lord Protector ...

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