American Religion

1771-1799 Preparation

1776 Methodists number 4,921

1784 Baptists number 35,101; Francis Asbury ordained as America’s first Methodist bishop

1790s First Methodist awakenings in North, West, and South

1798 James McGready begins revivals in Logan County, Kentucky; Bishop Asbury begins annual circuits from Maine to Georgia and along the Western frontier

1799 McGee brothers inspire revivals in Kentucky

1800-1835 "Second Great Awakening"

1800 Revivals in Gaspar River and Mud River, Kentucky

1801 Cane Ridge, Kentucky, revival under Barton Stone

1802 Revival at Yale under Timothy Dwight; collegiate awakenings throughout East

1804 Shakers send missionaries to frontier

1810 Founding of American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, America’s first foreign missions society

1816 American Bible Society formed

1817 American Sunday School Union begun

1825 Charles Finney begins seven years of intense evangelism in the Northeast

1826 American Tract Society and American Home Missionary Society begun

1828 Lane Seminary founded in frontier Cincinnati to provide clergy for the West

1830-1850 Fragmentation

1830 Finney’s greatest revival, at Rochester, New York; Joseph Smith founds Mormons

1833 Founding of Oberlin College, abolitionist stronghold

1835 Lyman Beecher’s “A Plea for the West” calls for Christian civilization of the West

1837 Presbyterian Church split into Old and New School branches over various issues, including revivalism

1838 Ralph Waldo Emerson’s “Divinity School Address” outlines Transcendentalism

1844 YMCA founded; Methodist church splits over slavery

1845 Baptists split over slavery

1847 Mormon migration to Utah

1848 The Fox sisters begin the Spiritist movement, which sweeps America

1850 Membership in Protestant denominations ...

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