His Life

Nov. 29, 1898 Born in Belfast, Ireland

1901 Queen Victoria dies

1908 Mother Flora dies of cancer

1911 Ceases to be a Christian while studying at Cherboug House, a preparatory school for Malvern College

1912 The Titanic sinks

1914-1918 World War I

1914-1917 Studies with W. T. Kirkpatrick ("the Great Knock"); during this time he reads George MacDonald's Phantastes, which "baptizes" his imagination

1917 Begins studies at University College, Oxford; meets Paddy Moore and his mother Mrs. Janie Moore; joins army and is sent to France

1918 Wounded in action and hospitalized in London; Paddy Moore is killed in battle

1919 Returns to University College, Oxford

1924 Begins tutorial work at University College

1925 Elected Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford

1925 G. K. Chesterton publishes The Everlasting Man

1926 Meets J. R. R. Tolkien.

1929 Confesses on his knees in his Magdalen rooms that "God is God"; father Albert dies in Belfast

1930 Lewis and Moores move into The Kilns

1931 Accepts truth of Christianity while riding to Whipsnade Zoo

1932 Warren Lewis retires from the army and moves into The Kilns

1933 Circle of friends called "the Inklings" forms

1936 Meets Charles Williams

1939 First evacuated children arrive at The Kilns

1939-1945 World War II

1940-41 Gives lectures on Christianity for the Royal Air Force

1941 Preaches famous sermon "The Weight of Glory" at the church of St. Mary's in Oxford

1941-1944 Gives 25 talks on BBC radio; these talks will eventually become Mere Christianity

1942 First meeting of the Oxford Socratic Club

1945 United Nations founded

1945 Charles Williams dies

1946 Awarded honorary Doctor of Divinity by University of St. Andrews

1947 Featured on the cover of Time magazine

1949 George Orwell publishes 1984

1950 Receives first ...

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