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A few things that caught my eye this week…

A new 'Avatar' trailer, remakes of 'Footloose' and 'Mad Max,' a 'Pi' director, and more

After several wholly unimpressive weeks, the movie news has come roaring back these past few days (warning: the word of the week is "remake." Can you say that with me boys and girls? "Remake!" Good, I knew you could).

The first full-length theatrical trailer for Avatar, the first film from James Cameron since Titanic, is finally out. (The film opens Dec. 18.) I've always said I love animation because it is hindered only by the filmmakers' own imagination. More than any film I can think of–even ones such as Lord of the Rings and Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow–this feels like that very movie brought to life through a computer rather than ink. Please be good … please be good … (Meanwhile, the Avatar trailer will be broadcast on the world's largest video display on Sunday, Nov. 1, at the new Cowboys Stadium just before their game with the Seahawks – while millions also watch it from their TV sets at home.)

And now for those remakes . . .

* * *

They are remaking Footloose with Craig Brewer ...

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