Musician Dad Makes His Boy Cry -- But It's All Good

Carlos Whittaker, a new Integrity Music artist, and son are now a YouTube sensation

Carlos Whittaker, a new Integrity Music artist releasing his first album, Ragamuffin Soul, later this month, is getting some online buzz for something entirely different than his debut CD: He's now known as the guy who made his little boy cry.

In a cute-and-funny home video (taken on his iPhone), Whittaker filmed his 3-year-old adopted son, Losiah, dancing in his car seat – with his older sisters next to him – to the beat of Beyonce's hit song, "Single Ladies." When Carlos tells Losiah he's not a single lady, the boy initially looks stunned, then begins to cry – as his older sister folds her arms and glares at Dad! Whittaker recovers and tells Losiah, "Yeah, you are. You're a Single Lady. Sorry...I was just kidding...You're a Single Lady, okay?" And then, to himself, "I'm a horrible father."

Hardly the case. ParentDish calls him an "awesome" father for adopting Losiah from South Korea in 2006. Whittaker is using the resulting media hype to call attention to international adoption, and we ...

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