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Liberty Counsel Blames ADF for Prop. 8 Loss

Legal group says marriage case was not "adequately defended," noting Alliance Defense Fund presented only two witnesses at trial.

Proposition 8, California's marriage amendment, was ruled unconstitutional by federal judge Vaughn Walker. Amid the clamoring over the ruling, the Liberty Counsel issued a statement blaming the Alliance Defense Fund for doing a poor job defending the proposition and for keeping the Liberty Counsel from helping with the case.

While Christian legal groups sometimes compete, and sometimes even disagree on cases, it is rare to see one directly criticize another.

In the statement, Liberty Counsel claims that it has been involved in every marriage law case in California since 2004, but the ADF objected to the Liberty Counsel working on the case. The group further said that it "sought to provide additional defense to Prop 8 because of concern that the case was not being adequately defended." Liberty Counsel pointed out that the ADF called only two witnesses, compared to 15 for the other side.

The rift between the Liberty Counsel and the ADF stems from a dispute over who should intervene after ...

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