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'To Save a Life' Releases to DVD

Popular with youth pastors, the home version includes lots of bonus materials

To Save a Life, the little-youth-group-movie-that-could, made a bit of a splash in theaters last winter, earning $3.7 million (on a $500,000 budget) in an 11-week theatrical run.

It got mostly poor reviews from critics, but youth pastors appreciated its story (it was written by a youth pastor, after all) and multiple (too many, IMHO) messages directed at teens – of caring for others, school violence, abstinence, guilt, cutting, grief, and more. And now that it's available on Blu-Ray and DVD, it'll likely be shown in many churches to youth groups, helping teens to grapple with various issues. Various curriculae and study guides are even available at website for leaders – just in time for National To Save a Life Week in December, where leaders are encourage to screen the film for their students.

Bonus materials on the home version include a filmmaker commentary, deleted scenes, gag reel, a behind-the-scenes feature, and a couple of music videos.

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