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Reflections from Leading Haitian Theologian

CT recently spoke with prominent Haitian theologian Dieumeme Noelliste, currently professor of theological ethics at Denver Seminary and president of the Caribbean Evangelical Theological Association (bio).

His thoughts on the current crisis and its impact on the Haitian church (edited for clarity) are presented after the jump:

As a Haitian living outside the country, I've been very touched by the response of Haitian Christians. You hear people singing in the streets; people calling out to God and praying. I saw on TV a man in distress being encouraged in Creole by another man to accept Jesus in this dire situation. This tells me that these are people of strong faith in God; in the midst of calamities, they turn to God.The untold story:One story that hasn't been told in the secular media is the number of Haitian pastors who died in the earthquake, leaving their parishioners without any shepherd. The American church should know about this and think about what can be done to help. Haiti was ...
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