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Rob Bell's Latest Venture: Talk and Surf for $500

Love Wins author announces small gatherings, with TV and book projects in the works.

As fans and critics wait to see what Rob Bell does next after leaving Mars Hill Bible Church last October in the wake of all the hubbub over Love Wins, his website gives a fresh glimpse of what the pastor and author is up to now: offering fellow pastors (and others) the chance to pay $500 to pick his brain.

Bell is inviting 90 people (at a time) to join him in October for two days of teaching and discussion in Laguna Beach. Surfing included.

Topics will include the creative process, how to handle criticism, and – perhaps most reflective of Bell's Love Wins experience – "What do we do with doubts/questions we have that if we shared them with the people we lead they'd head for the doors? (Or they'd send us for the door?)"

Bell's motive, as explained on his website: "Because sometimes we need to drop what we're doing, step out of our routine, breathe in some fresh air, and be reminded that we signed up for a revolution."

Bell is currently working on a TV project called "Stronger" with Lost producer Carlton Cuse, as well as book projects.

CT selected the Love Wins controversy as the top religion news story of 2011.

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