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Author of Most-Popular Messianic Jewish Testimony Dies At 87

Stan Telchin's story of his conversion, Betrayed, sold more than one million copies in 30 languages.

Stan Telchin, a popular Messianic Jewish author and speaker, died on Monday, June 4, in Sarasota, Florida. He was 87.

Telchin is best known for his book Betrayed, which relates his daughter's conversion from Judaism to Christianity and his own subsequent conversion. The book is the "single most-read testimony of a Jewish person who has come to faith in Jesus in recent history," according to Jews for Jesus.

CT reported on how heated debates over evangelism style and substance between Messianic missionary agencies and Messianic congregations in 2005 kept Jews for Jesus from selling one of Telchin's books, in which he critiqued Messianic Judaism for its excessive emphasis on Jewish tradition.

CT has covered the new strategies for evangelism that Messianic Jews are using today, as well as profiled the 2010 death of Jews for Jesus founder Moishe Rosen.

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