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CT's 2016 Cover Stories, Ranked

Here are the Top 10 features that readers read most.
CT's 2016 Cover Stories, Ranked

Yes, we only publish 10 cover stories per year. But we’re proud of all of them!

Here are CT’s 2016 print features, ranked in order of which ones our online readers read most.

10. 11 Portraits of Charleston Survivors' Grief and Grace
CT sent a reporter and a photographer to be with the family members of several victims.

Image: Photos by Jonathan Hanson

9. Realizing My Addiction Had Chosen Me Began My Road to Recovery
Framing addiction as a chronic disease gives a broader framework for understanding.

Image: Stuart Fisher

8. The World Is Yearning for Beautiful Orthodoxy
Goodness, truth, and beauty all come from the same Person.

Image: Makoto Fujimura

7.How Churches Change the Equation for Life After Prison
One of the hardest days of incarceration may be the day it ends. The church can be there to make a difference.

Image: Brian Stauffer

6. Hope on the Refugee Highway: A Special Report on Christians in Iraq and Greece
CT visited eight refugee camps to learn how Christians on the front lines would advise American churches to engage the refugee crisis.

Image: Antonio Masiello / NurPhoto / Corbis

5. CT Makers: 20 of the Most Creative Christians We Know
Meet the artists, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists using fresh ideas for common good.

4. Incredible Indian Christianity: A Special Report on the World’s Most Vibrant Christward Movement
Why it’s the best and worst of times for India’s burgeoning churches.

Image: Gary S. Chapman

3. Is It Time for American Christians to Disobey the Government?
When to practice civil disobedience.

2. Christianity Today's 2016 Book Awards
Our picks for the books most likely to shape evangelical life, thought, and culture.

1. Inside the Popular, Controversial Bethel Church
Some visitors claim to be healed. Others claim to receive direct words from God. Is it 'real'—or dangerous?

Image: Vance Jacobs

CT has also compiled the most-read CT articles, persecuted church stories, news blogs, politics stories, and personal testimonies of 2016, as well as the top 10 discoveries of biblical archaeology.

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