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Beware of Making Jesus Your Password

These 75 popular Christian phrases and Bible verses are too predictable to be secure from hackers.
Beware of Making Jesus Your Password

At first glance, “john316” looks like a reasonable password.

While it’s a couple characters short of the recommended minimum of 8 to 10, it at least mixes numbers and letters.

But “john316” is not a good choice for keeping your account safe. It’s the most common Bible verse used as a password, according to a new analysis of a list of 32 million passwords leaked in a 2009 data breach.

And beware the power of Jesus’ name—for hackers.

Another too-popular choice is “jesus,” or variants like “jesus777” and “jesus143.” Collectively, more than 21,000 people in the breach used the Son of God’s name as a password, making it the 30th most common password overall, a bit behind “tigger” (No. 22) and ahead of “football” (No. 45).

You want a password to be unguessable. If you use your life verse as your password—say, for your church’s financial software—you’re opening ...

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