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A Conversation With Paul Rees

A beloved churchman discusses how a healthy devotional life should bear fruit in our relationship with others.

Many people have asked us to do an interview with Paul Rees. So when we wanted an elder statesman of the faith who could talk about the devotional life from both personal experience and observation of the Christian community, we immediately thought of him. Rees' still-active ministry has lasted over fifty years as a pastor, denominational executive, and leader of Christian organizations. He pastored First Covenant Church of Minneapolis from 1938 to 1958; he is a past president of the National Association of Evangelicals; and he has served as minister to ministers at Billy Graham Crusades. He currently serves as an editor-at-large for World Vision International.

At eighty-one years of age, Rees speaks with a soft voice and calm presence. It's the presence of a man who long ago settled the ultimate questions of life in his own mind and now is only concerned in helping others do the same. His words carry a convincing ring of authority while they convey a heart full of love for Christ and his ...

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