Ministry Staff

That sermon was so dry I got cotton-mouth just listening to it."

"When is he going to deal with the issue? Can't he make a decision?"

"He calls himself a counselor? I'd never go to him with my problems!"

"This guy is a control freak!"

Every associate pastor has been on the receiving end of similar comments about the senior pastor. Every organization has people dissatisfied with the leadership.

Staff members are natural lightning rods for complainers. Afraid of voicing objections publicly or confronting the senior pastor directly, the disgruntled often come to staffers.

Whether we agree with their observations or not, as staffers, we owe loyalty to the boss. Serving in staff positions over the past 10 years, I've learned some hard lessons about loyalty and integrity.

If we are not careful, associates can easily become an Absalom at the gate, stealing away the hearts of Israel (2 Sam. 15:1-6). Like King David's son, we begin to think that things would be different if we were in ...

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