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C'mon Church, Take a Risk on Artists!

Ministry requires a brave heart and attitude.

"I confess, I did it."  This confession was so remarkable that every newspaper in the country carried the story of Dan Leach's confession.  Leach had gotten away with the perfect murder. The motive was simple. His girlfriend was pregnant and he wanted no part of it. The Houston coroner had ruled her hanging as a suicide in the absence of any evidence pointing to foul play.  In an interview with Associated Press the Houston detective assigned to the case said, "Dan was very, very meticulous. It was very well-planned and well executed."

What was it that caused him to confess to a sin and a crime that no one could prove he committed?  What could possibly be so compelling that a guy would rather tell the truth and face life in prison than continue to live a lie?  What was it that caused this spiritual transformation in Leach's life? The answer—it was art created by a Christian artist that changed Dan R. Leach's life forever! It wasn't that he didn't know the story of Jesus death and resurrection. ...

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