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Favorite Articles of 2007

The most popular reading on Building Church Leaders

I'm occasionally asked what sets apart Building Church Leaders from other resources geared toward leaders. I always answer in an instant: "Our content." Few sites offer the breadth of experience and depth of insight as the leaders whose writing appears on this site. Judge for yourself as you read and learn from church leaders of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

In order of popularity in 2007:

1. Why I Don't Set Goals
People and institutions begin to corrode when fleshly zeal is tied to spiritual goals.
by Jack Hayford

2. Three Traits of a Leader
If a leader demonstrates competency, genuine concern for others, and admirable character, people will follow him.
interview with J. Richard Chase

3. What Does a Healthy Church Look Like?
Finally, a complete guide to the vibrant, dynamic, empowered, totally awesome, and really robust church.
by Tracy Keenan, Ralph W. Neighbour Jr., Steve Sjogren, Erwin McManus, Lee Eclov

4. Preparing Your Church to EvangelizeGetting a big crowd to a special event is one ...

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