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Making Sense of Worship

Q & A with Sally Morgenthaler.

Sally Morgenthaler, whose book Worship Evangelism surfaced above the waves of resources for churches adjusting to changing worship styles, is still trying to help churches stay relevant in worship style to the changing culture of their members. Speaking at forty-plus seminars a year, she is guiding churches to incorporate more of the senses to envelop worshipers in a total experience that gets their minds out of the pews or off what they must do on Monday. She spoke recently to worship leaders at the Hollifield Leadership Center in Conover, North Carolina.

Q. How is worship changing? How must worship change?

A. Our experience of God always is a form. If we didn't live on this planet we would worship God without some kind of package, but experience is always mediated. The reality is we get God in a form. God recognized this by sending Jesus in a form, in a particular culture, gender, and time in history, God in flesh and blood. We experience the infinite in a form and those forms change. ...

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