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Simple Worship Is All We Really Need

A word to worship leaders.

Here in our apartment in Sha Tin, Hong Kong, we are surrounded by the sounds of worship. Everyday, twice a day, 'the brothers', mostly ex-drug addicts who have come to Christ, join together to lift their voices in songs of thanks and adoration. Every morning and evening, the simple sounds of praise echo throughout this cluster of small apartment buildings.

There aren't many educated folks or trained singers in the bunch, so it's not like you're listening to a men's choir. In fact, some of the notes I hear make my hair stand on end. But I'm sure it's all beautiful to God. He's not nearly as picky as I am.

Being immersed in the songs of the "dai heng" is a great reminder about the essence of worship. Worship is about a cry of the heart, not a slick production. Worship is about me coming to God and pouring out my guts, it's not about having the latest sound or a hot new song. Worship is about receiving forgiveness and healing when I confess my sin and weakness. Worship isn't about sophistication, ...

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